Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring is here (finally)!

The ice cream trucks are rolling around and the sun is out (for the most part). For those who arrived in Denmark during the dark months of winter, you're in for a real treat.

When I first arrived, I thought there were few people actually in Copenhagen. Little did I know that everyone was simply hibernating in their nests. And then the sun came and brought with it a population explosion. The streets were buzzing with activity and even when the temperature barely reached double digits, the outdoor seating of cafes was finally put to use (with the help of fleece blankets). Even though the wool scarves are still in full swing and going outside without a jacket is just a fantasy, the bright sun (or suggestion of) is enough to seduce the Danes into leaving their caves and provides ample opportunities for free or low cost entertainment.

The free events are coming!

Everyone knows about the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Distortion, but there are dozens of smaller ones that pop-up all over the city. The past weekend saw the 48 Hour Festival of Nørrebro as well as numerous weed related parties celebrating the smoker's holiday of 4-20. 

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The upcoming weeks will be filled with festivals, open-bars, club anniversaries, and free parties. I will try my best to post information that I find pertaining to Copenhagen nightlife. But as a word of advice, pay attention to the events your Facebook friends are going to as that is the best way of finding cool things to do. Copenhagen is terrible, simply terrible, at advertising the various events that the city hosts. I've often found out about an event AFTER it has taken place, usually by spotting a poster for it in an obscure location, like a lightpole on a bridge. 


The next big day that will be filled with free treats is Mayday, or known in every part of the word except the US as Labor Day. Fælledparken is the place to be with numerous artists taking the stage to celebrate workers' rights. Bring a grill and cheap beer from the nearest kiosk, the atmosphere will be BYOB barbecue with a touch of communism. For more information, check out the Facebook page.

Also, Mayday will give you the opportunity to attend a party at Culture Box for the low price of 25kr. Culture Box is largely regarded as one of Copenhagen's best clubs for electronic music and with a cover so low, you can afford to see if the rumors are true. More information available here.

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